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On-demand Webinar

Improve your organoid cultures with stabilized Wnt3a and FGF-Max


Kazuya Arai

JSR-Keio University Medical and Chemical Innovation Center(JKiC)

Lecture content

  • Stem cell niche and organoid culture
  • Wnt3a as niche factor for organoid culture and a high-quality Wnt agonist, AFM/Wnt3a-CM
  • Niche-composition refining of organoid medium and a thermal-stabilized universal FGF agonist, FGF-Max

About JKiC

JSR Group research chemists and Keio University medical researchers / doctors cooperatively provide new advanced medical and clinical technologies and materials that can be useful for diagnostic technologies for early detection of diseases, highly effective treatments and pharmaceuticals to treat diseases at early stages before becoming serious or untreatable.

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MBL was founded in 1969 as the first manufacturer of antibodies in Japan. Using technology built on advances in immunology and molecular biology, MBL offers clinical diagnostics and research reagents designed for analysis of proteins and/or genes associated primarily with autoimmune disorders, cancer, gynecological diseases, and infectious diseases. In recent years MBL has also been actively developing biomarker reagents and companion diagnostics, taking advantage of our strength in immunological and gene detection techniques. MBL is a JSR Life Sciences company.

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